About Caro

Kediri 8
Hey! Welcome back. Sorry for the hiatus. I can probably explain.

This blog has taken on a few forms in the past 3+ years. It’s served as a creative outlet, recipe archive, and travel journal. I took it around with me to Boston, then South America, Central America, Mexico, and back home again in Maryland, where I shut down the blog during my AmeriCorps service in Baltimore. And now we’re back! Next stop: Indonesia, where I’ll be serving for just over 2 years in the Peace Corps.

What was once an exploration of vegan cooking is shape-shifting. Since receiving my invitation to Indonesia, I’ve transitioned back to eating anything and everything. Eleven years as a vegetarian-sometimes-vegan has come to a close. And that’s all right! Going with the flow is just the start of this next ep.

Wanna talk about Indonesia? Here to listen to all your food and travel thoughts.

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