Hey! I’m Caroline. I share simple vegan recipes and travel notes on my blog. I’ve been a vegetarian for nine years and am now an on-again-off-again vegan. I’ve made my way through much of Latin America and have spent some time teaching in Colombia, Panama, and Mexico, too.

I totally get that meat plays a big part in most cultures. But I like to find ways to try other regions’ local flavours without the animal-heavy category. It’s true that the cattle roaming Argentina’s pampas receive a different treatment than the side-to-side cow jigsaw puzzle of U.S. industrial factory farming. And sure, you don’t need to look for a certified-organic sticker on the chickens hanging in Peru’s markets to know that they’re not pumped with the hormones and antibiotics that cloud U.S. supermarkets. I’ve been told (although I politely declined) that I was missing out on some riquísimo tiny silver fish sold out of the back of a truck in rural Panama. But I’m sticking to this veggie lifestyle. And if you want to give a shot at it too, then an endless list plant-based ingredients awaits, no matter where you are.

Let’s question how and why we eat. Share your thoughts in the comments, or talk back here. Tell me what you know:


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