The National Diet Relationship Rollercoaster

The road curved and wove through the mountains as we left Medellin behind. The van swayed with each turn, and the driver pursued our arrival in Armenia with a relentless foot on the pedal. The views were lush, green, and speckled with palmas and rolling hills. I vomited the entire time. The afternoon before we…… Continue reading The National Diet Relationship Rollercoaster

La Casa Amarilla

In Baños, Ecuador, I hiked from the tiny town in the valley to La Casa del Arbol above. It’s that famous swing on the edge of a cliff, basically a required tourist photo opp: The hike is a short two-and-a-half hours, but entirely up-hill as you leave the city behind. Luckily, part-way up, I came across La Casa Armarilla.…… Continue reading La Casa Amarilla