Panzanella a la mexicana

No lettuce needed. Just tomatoes and cucumbers, and chiles. Because this is Mexico.

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Jamaican Christmas Chili

Disclosure: This recipe has nothing to do with Christmas, but people love Christmas shit in December. This chili is spicy and hearty (i.e. filling and thick). There are also a lot of beans involved (a prerequisite for chili recipe applicants). The quinoa gives it some extra nutty body. You’ll want to have additional vegetable broth on hand […]

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Jerk-Spiced Tempeh

Tofu gets old sometimes. Your friends are still making Tofurky jokes. I get it. Mix up that soy routine with tempeh. It’s firmer in texture, crisps up more easily than tofu, and has a nuttier flavor. You can find it in most grocery stores, packaged and stashed in the refrigerated section right beside the tofu. Tempeh […]

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